What I Do

 Freelance photographer providing photo images walk through video for real estate, for advertising print and web media, promotional and commercial. Images on my website are available for rights managed (licensed) use and for sale as quality prints.

Recent work includes large format landscapes, real estate, food photography, equestrian events, social and official events.


Who am I?

Gary Martin, living in the Manawatu region of New Zealand’s north island with my lovely wife Judi. We were only recently married really (2008) in the City of David, just outside the old city of Jerusalem.

Within the Manawatu region, nestled along the western slopes of the Ruahine mountain range is the Pohangina Valley which we – as Valley residents – consider the jewel of the Manawatu. The Pohangina river runs from the Ruahine Forest Park down through Pohangina Valley to Ashhurst where it joins the Manawatu river.

Pohangina is the name of the small village, set in the valley overlooking the Pohangina river to the east. The Ruahine mountains beyond are the eastern border to the northern Manawatu region. Our house, first built in 1870 was a miller’s cottage, just north of the village. The house has been added onto but the old cottage remains the centre of the house.

Summertime view east from our back door:

My father was an avid photographer, both 35mm film and in later years Super 8 movies. Without realising the connection at the time, I purchased my own 35mm camera – a Minolta XGM, with a couple of lenses and off I went firing off reels and reels of film. All my life the outdoors, the wild and isolated places, the mountains and the coasts have filled a longing within me. I have spent a great many days and nights alone in these places. My constant comapanion for many years was my 35mm.

My early interest in photography developed (pardon the pun) into a passion that led me into a profession in this digital age. My aim is now to present the images of living nature for your viewing pleasure. The countless hours I have spent alone with nature has only deepened my love and appreciation for the wonders and splendour of creation. I don’t believe the scientists’ theories of evolution or the random events they claim have sparked and ordered such an intricate and delicately powerful world. The beauty of nature can be indescribable, but pales beneath the vastness and might of the skies and universe beyond. Only a Majestic Voice could have spoken such life into existence that science still cannot fully understand the minute details, nor the grandest and most distant.

 The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it …