Updating Website

In the process of updating my new website I will also be transferring across previous posts, adding photos from the old site and new photos as I get out and do what I love to do. The weather this summer is very different from previous years with lots of rain, some humidity and lower temperatures.

Funny that scientists called the climate change “global warming” until it was obvious that the “warming” was actually cooling in a lot of regions, then it became “climate change”. As an aside, while thousands of scientists across the globe are refuting claims of climate change caused by human activity and asking the UN for the evidence (which has never been produced), governments and authorities are plowing ahead regardless of any truth or substantive evidence of human activity causing these changes. I digress …

Plenty of regular rain – heavy rain – has swollen our rivers and creeks, muddying the waters and making river crossing impossible for now. The landscape is very green for this time of year though with plenty of quality growth for the farmers.

See you ’round the ridges …


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