Shopping Cart Update

It is only a small thing really but I have made my shopping cart a bit prettier, adding true-to-scale thumbnail of the image and panorama images now have a height dimension relative to the width of the panorama ordered. The height is a rounded figure to the nearest whole number so it is approximate to within 1/2″ of actual size as a guide-only for customers.

Clicking on the image thumbnail in the cart opens a large view of the image in a new window, while the image title takes you back to the image website listing.

I decided to make this all part of recent code updates from WordPress and the people from Elegant Themes. Took a while to work it but I added a Child theme as recommended by WordPress so (most) of the modifications are not lost. As few small tweaks afterwards and we are up and running again.

If there are any noticeable glitches I would appreciate a heads up via the contact form – Thanks.


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