November 2012 Update

November has charged in at a great rate of knots – where has the year gone? Well past time for another update, soooo …


Real estate photography has been ticking over quite constantly, dodging the rain and heavy clouds that have predominated this year, causing a few shoots to require the addition of blue skies. There have been a few times when the Nikon SB900 flash unit has cut out on me and a real pain in the trousers when it does. This is a common issue with this model which has (we will see) apparently been resolved with the SB910.

Weddings are something I have shied away from to date, however I have been asked to photograph a wedding soon, and strangely enough am quite looking forward to it.


Updating equipment and software is the order of November. I took delivery of a Nikon D600 along with the updated SB910 speedlight flash unit. The MD-B14 battery grip makes for great handling but makes it a lot bulkier while a Nikkor 85mm 1.8G lens will hopefully will arrive in the next week.

Adobe Lightroom has been my cataloguing solution for some time now – until the D600 arrived. Having stayed with LR 3.6 due to issues with the updates reported and discussed in blogs, the new Nikon D600 images are not recognised by LR 3.6, requiring a paid upgrade to the latest version. Adobe Camera Raw, which is built into Light Room technology, has been a great RAW file processor with the most recent version even better. The Nikon D600 format however has only preliminary support by Adobe, where as Apple Aperture, DXO Optics Pro, and Phase One’s Capture One Pro 7 all fully support the D600.

Since I have to fork out for software upgrade anyway, trawling through many a website and blog lead me to settle on Phase One Capture  One Pro 7. Quite different to Light Room (not that I was any expert there either) and a bit like learning a new language really but the RAW processor is quite amazing, thus far thrilled with the results. With only 4Gb of ram on my iMac there was concern as to how the iMac would handle the larger 24 Mp files – so far so good.  The D7000 16Mp image size is 4928 pixels x 3264 pixels, while the D600 24Mp image size is 6014 pixels x 4014 pixels.


D600 … as well as learning new software there is the new DSLR, full frame 24.3 mega pixel Nikon. There is already alot I really like about this new model. The only draw back may be the  1/4000 sec shutter speed (D800 and D7000 both have 1/8000 max shutter). In camera HDR has produced some nice internal room shots – and hand held, so having a play with this to determine the efficacy for some of my work.

It is a great boon to be able to set the camera to Auto ISO confident that the results are going to be good if not great images, making me keen to revisit some situations the D7000 did not handle so well.

See you ’round the ridges.




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